Uber vs Uber Eats – Which One Is Better?


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Uber vs Uber Eats wasn’t even a question when I first started driving for Uber.

There was no Uber Eats.  I remember being very excited when my boyfriend, who got me into driving for Uber, mentioned they might be going into food delivery.  We were talking about how the downtime, the time just sitting waiting for a ping, was the hardest part of Uber.  He said if they go into food delivery it might reduce the downtime.  I was like, whaaa?  What are you talking about?

I hadn’t heard anything about food delivery, and asked him a ton of questions. But he wouldn’t answer them, just kept saying he didn’t know much about it yet. All he would say is he had a friend who was participating in the pilot.

Of course, I kept asking for more information – I wanted to know about this!  But all he would say is “He’s driving in the pilot for it now. we will know more later. For now, who knows? We will see, we will see.” Argh! That was exasperating! Okay, I have the patience of a child, I admit it! 🙂

Eventually Uber Eats did roll out. I had just moved from Virginia, all the way across the country, back home to Washington State. After taking some time to spend with my family and get settled back home.

And fighting with Uber.  Uber didn’t seem to realize that yes, I have had a drivers license for at least 3 years even though I was in another state now. I had been driving for them already!  I signed back up with Uber as an Uber Eats delivery driver.  It’s funny. Each area controls it’s own area, and doesn’t seem to share information about drivers license and whatnot. But when it comes down to the signup bonus, they’ve got that down! Nope, you’ve driven before, you already got the signup bonus. How do you know one, but not the other?  Of course, I can’t really complain, I did get the first bonus. But I digress…

The Big Question – What About The Pay?

One thing about the deliveries for Uber Eats, the deliveries are usually shorter trips. With downtime being the main con with Uber, shorter trips are not ideal. That’s less time getting paid.  So as far as pay, Uber tends to beat out Uber Eats.

Of course, you have the option of signing into both of them at the same time, which provides the most pay.  But if you prefer to drive just for Uber Eats, you will still make a nice bit of extra change. It’s not enough to live off of, but it does the job as far as supplemental income.

Uber vs Uber Eats – Other Considerations

Driving Passengers…

  • You have strangers in your car.
  • People throw up in your car, (or scream for you to stop right now, and puke out the door.) If you abstain from driving at night you can avoid this one.
  • People forgetting things in your car.
  • People passing out in your car. (Again, don’t drive at night and you can avoid this one as well.)
  • Rude people, sitting right next to you, the entire way.
  • “Why didn’t you go this way, why didn’t you turn there, why didn’t you…” If you have a preferred route, just ask!
  • Customers riding in a group, ordering a regular Uber, hoping they get a driver with an UberX vehicle who has both selected. And then complaining when you simply have a regular full size car and not an SUV.
  • Plus, the requirements for the car are more restrictive, so you may need a more expensive car.

Delivering Food…

  • Parking, especially downtown. If you’re lucky you can park in a loading zone and put your hazards on, but I cringe every time.
  • Long waits at restaurants.
  • Construction. If you run into construction with a passenger, they’re usually familiar with it and can direct you around it. Wish you could tap “Skip this road” on the Uber navigation system!
  • Delivering to hotels, 5 floors up, down 2 long hallways… you get the idea.
  • Gates with the wrong codes listed, and they don’t want to answer their phone.
  • Customer having a disagreement with the restaurant about the order, and sending you back to swap it out.

Personally, I’m more comfortable just delivering food. Yes, there would be less downtime if I did both, and I’ve driven some wonderful people who were a joy to be around. However, there’s always enough of the sour apples that I’d just rather hand out some great smelling food to people and their families.

And as for the downtime, well that gives me time to build this website!

6 thoughts on “Uber vs Uber Eats – Which One Is Better?

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this article.

    I’ve often wondered what driving for uber was like. Obviously I could ask Uber, but it’s nice to read the experiences of someone “on the ground”.

    From what you’ve said , I would agree – Uber eats sounds like the option with less hassle even if it does pay less. I don’t think I could cope with people throwing up in my car!

    So, thanks for the article. You’ve given me a lot to think about.

    1. I’m glad you liked the post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      – Misty

  2. This is a nice informative article and something i have not really thought about before. I guess i will pass on people puking up in the car… I enjoyed reading about Uber from the inside

    1. Thank you for your kind sentiments!
      – Misty

  3. Hello Misty. You look like you have lots of experience with Uber and Uber Eats. Good thing this is a job for supplementary income only. It looks like an unpleasant experience to me . Good thing you are working on this site. This is way cooler!
    Thanks for this review of Uber and Uber eats. It sure made an impression on me! Have a beautiful day.

    1. Thank you for your comments! I’m sorry to hear you don’t think you’d like the Uber experience, it’s true it’s not for everyone.

      I do enjoy it and also enjoy working on this site. Thanks again!
      – Misty

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