Uber Driver Benefits

Uber Driver Benefits

Naturally, the biggest benefit to driving for Uber is the extra income we can make. That’s why we sign up, after all! But there are more Uber driver benefits to be considered as well. Here are a few additional perks that Uber has included…

The Best of the Uber Driver Benefits – The Uber GoBank Debit Card!

Uber GoBank Debit CardUber got together with GoBank to come up with a special Uber Debit Card for their drivers. This card offers:

  • 4.5% Cash Back on gas at Exxon and Mobile
  • 3% cash back at all other gas stations
  • 2% cash back at Walmart, both online and in store. Includes purchase of Walmart groceries for pick up.
  • 10% cash back at Advance Auto Parts
  • 8% cash back at Sprint

Low on funds and need gas, snacks, etc? This card allows you to make purchases up to $100 in overdraft with no penalty after you make 80 trips in 30 days.

Save with Phone Perks

You can get savings on phone plans from Sprint. Plus get another 8% cash back when you pay your Sprint bill or buy products from Sprint on your Uber Debit Card. Maximum of $50 per month.

They also offer 22% off eligible service plans from AT&T.

Car Maintenance Perks

Depending on just how frequently you drive for Uber, you can rack up quite a few miles. With this extra wear and tear, it’s important to keep your car in tip-top shape.

Numerous auto places have made agreements with Uber, saving drivers even more money. Here are a list of places with special discounts for drivers, and what they offer.

Tires and batteries are often excluded in the following offers, or given a lower discount. I’m assuming there is probably not much markup or wiggle room on these products in the first place.


15% off products and services (except tires).

Tires at just 10% over store cost.

Jiffy Lube

15% off products and services (except tires, batteries, gift cards).


10% off all products and services.

$50 off first service for new customers.


12% off products and services (except tires and batteries).

8% off tires and batteries.

$20 off first service for new customers (except oil changes).

Safelite AutoGlass

$10 off glass repair.

$25 off glass replacement.

Save up to $50 on windshield/door glass repair.

Keep in mind, the $50 off offer is not available when you are filing an insurance claim.

Tires Plus

15% off products and services (except tires).

Tires at 10% over store cost.

Wheel Works

15% off products and services (except tires).

Tires at 10% over store cost.

Every little bit counts…

The savings may not be astronomical, but every little bit helps. And that 4.5% off at Exxon and Mobile (or even 3% with the other gas stations) when you use the debit card can certainly help!

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