Side Hustle With Uber – Why I chose to drive with Uber.

I chose a side hustle with Uber at first mainly because my boyfriend at the time was driving for them. I saw how easy it was to drive whenever you want and earn some extra money as you needed it. 

As I mentioned in my About Misty Page, I was running myself ragged working at three 7-11’s, and I really needed something like this. It looked more convenient, with being able to choose my own hours as I wanted. Also, that gave me a bit better control over my income, because I could drive when I needed some more money. 

Plus, it looked fun!

A side hustle with Uber allowed me to work when I wanted.

With 3 part time jobs to juggle, and 2 kids, there was no way I could do anything else that needed a ‘set schedule’. I was having a hard enough time keeping my current schedules from mixing up, and sometimes they still did. When that happend, even though I had arrangements with my bosses to get them schedules from the other franchises by x time, if there was a mess up and I got scheduled for conflicting shifts, it was apparently my fault

I had no more room in my schedule for anything that would add to the stress or confusion! So, being able to just click on the app when I was able to drive, and click it off when I needed to go to work, go to bed, or go get my kids was huge for me.

This flexibility even allowed me to cut out one of the 7-11 jobs pretty much instantly. I waited a few weeks first because I wanted to make sure everything was going to go smoothly. Everything was going great for my boyfriend, but I just had to make sure things would also work well with me before taking that step!

Instant Cash Out.

With Uber, you set it up to direct deposit into your bank account. However, the app also has a feature that let’s you cash out instantly. They offer a debit card that you can cash out to for no fee. Or, if you choose an instant cash out to another card, there is a 50 cent fee. 

So when my paycheck is gone and my cupboards are bare, I can set myself to available and cash out when I’m done and heading to the grocery store.

Which pretty much means I control my income, to an extent.

Having the ability to pretty much work whenever and however long I needed to in order to pay all my bills allowed me to bit by bit, quit one 7-11 job after another. As I mentioned, I quit one of them almost immediately, after just a couple weeks. I then waited for things to normalize to make sure I would still be able to earn enough money before I quit the next one. After that one, I waited quite a while to make sure things would remain steady, and finally quit my last 7-11 job and drove with Uber full time. Well, admittedly, it was more than full time, but it was enough to keep everything going!

During the down time while I was waiting for dings, I was able to go through the job boards and apply for better paying work. Plus I was able to do my driving around the interviews, until I found a much better paying job!

I enjoy driving, so a side hustle with Uber is great for me!

When I’m stressed or irritated, or want to get away from it all, I enjoy grabbing a Mt. Dew, blasting my radio, and just driving up and down the longest rural roads I can find. That’s quite a bit different than driving passengers around, but I really do enjoy driving. So, for the first while it was almost like I wasn’t even working. 

After a while of course, it does start to feel like work, but it’s not hard work, and still relatively fun. Also, now that Uber Eats has come out, I gave up the driving passengers part, and now I do Uber Eats after work. I will go over why I made that change in another post.

Basically, a side hustle with Uber is money you can count on.

The flexibility of being able to drive and earn as needed and being able to cash out whenever I want, really makes Uber a given for me. 

Plus, it’s stress free and fun! If you are considering joining Uber, I highly recommend it. You won’t get rich with it, but you’ll have extra money as needed. If you do decide to give it a try, leave a comment below and let me know how it goes! I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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